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Hi-Shusui KOI 7-8 Inch

Hi-Shusui KOI 7-8 Inch

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  • To place order, book an appointment or to know about retail, wholesale or transshipment offers please call (CANADA) 437-878-4321 Call, Text or WhatsApp. Our email address:

    Our popular sizes of Koi carp 5-6 Inches Price ranges from $25 to $40 and 7-8 Inches Price ranges from $55 to $80  depending on types.

    Free Delivery in meeting points in GTA, Ontario, Mississauga, Toronto, York, Ajax, and Markham. We can delivery all over Canada with Charges using UPS and WestJet Cargo.

    Here's also offer bunch of other varieties like Tetras Rasboras, Dennison Barb, Platy, Molly, Swordtails, Betta (Halfmoon, HMPK, Candy, Black Samurai, Crown-tails and various exclusive Bettas), Clown Loach.

    We also sell Silver Arowana, Albino Arowana, Jardini Arowana, Tiger Moray Eel, Motoro Sting ray, Black diamond Sting ray, Albino pearl Sting ray, Tiger Datnoids, Aligator Gar, Flower Horn, Red Texas, Peacock Bass Etc. For Monster Fish Please visit our other site
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